Wooded Area Cleanup

Hire a Professional to Clear Your Land

Plan a land clearing service or bush hogging service in Alburnett and Marion, IA

Are brush and vegetation taking over your property? Turn to Stumps Plus for a professional land clearing service. We'll remove plants, brush and other greenery from your land so you can have a clean and even landscape.

Call now to schedule your land clearing service in Alburnett and Marion, IA.

Trust our team to clear your property

Even if you aren't planning a new construction project, you shouldn't let your property become a neglected vacant lot. If vegetation is taking over, turn to a professional to clear it out. Stumps Plus is the best choice to handle your bush hogging service because we:

  • Use the necessary tools and equipment
  • Are trained to complete this service
  • Know how to maneuver heavy-duty equipment the safe way
Use our bush hogging service to get your undeveloped land back in shape. Hire our team in Alburnett and Marion, IA by calling today.